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Blog: Many poker players worry that putting a poker phone analyzer on the Texas Holdem table may arouse suspicions from other guys, so they would rather use an external camera to scan barcode marked cards instead of using the internal one inside the poker winner predictor. For those who like to smoke while playing poker, we usually recommend them to try our lighter scanner camera.
We can install a poker camera into lighters of different brands, such as Zippo and KTZ. With the camera inside, such lighter can not only be used to light your cigarette, but also can be used to scan barcode marked cards. After lighting your cigarette, you can put the lighter poker scanner wherever is good for the poker camera to scan the marked playing cards that have been shuffled already. We can assure that there is nothing special in appearance about the lighters since the scanning camera is completely concealable.
Normally, the scanning distance of the poker camera is 20 to 40 centimeters, but if customers prefer to customize the scanning distance according to their own needs, we can satisfy such demand as well.

Blog: Infrared marked playing cards can be marked with invisible ink, only can be visible after wearing our luminous ink contact lenses.
Our best marked cards are 100% plastic cards, they are extremely durable and welcomed by many poker clubs and casinos over the world.
How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? Many people want to know this secret, invisible ink and glasses to read the ink.
How to use luminous ink glasses kit to see through playing cards?

Blog: The meaning of life does not lie in its length, because in any case it is limited, its meaning is that with this limited life to seek unlimited possibilities.
We can not extend the length of life, but we can increase its width!
How to increase the length or width for our poker marked playing cards life?
We need to know more information about marked playing cards contact lenses.
What is the meaning of contact lenses that can see invisible ink? How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? Many people are curious about it.
It is a kind of magic marked cards, use different kinds of invisible ink to mark the back of playing cards, and then use luminius ink glasses kit or infrared contact lenses to see.

Blog: Marked cards glasses which has been rolled out in GS invisible ink marked playing cards reader manufacturer.
Omnipotent luminous ink glasses kit can see through playing cards with backside marks. No matter plastic luminous ink marked decks or paper luminous ink marking cards, all marks hidden could be read by invisible ink contact lenses.
Welcomed to GS contact lenses marked cards suppliers for choosing spy invisible playing cards, invisible ink pen contact lenses, infrared ink sunglasses and poker analyzer, etc poker accessories.

Blog: How to detect invisible ink marked cards?
It is tough to choose which marked playing cards you will use for luminous ink kit. Will it be the brand that gets you or will it be the design on the back marks. One thing is for sure. You cannot buy the cheap dollar store playing cards. The playing cards must be professional cards and have the special material that most cards are made of. You can feel the back of the cards to tell if they are the right ones. If it is smooth and no grooves are felt then the cards are cheap and cannot be used (do to the luminous ink contact lenses cannot filter through the material and "burn" into the card). If the card has grooves and feels real then they can be used with infrared contact lenses and marked cards glasses.

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  • 2018-02-12 18:23:47
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  • Comment marquer des cartes avec un stylo lumineux invisible? Avez-vous le système analyseur de poker pour jouer au Baccarat?
  • Admin_reply:  Merci pour votre demande pour jeu marqué de cartes. Nous vous répondrons par email. Cordialement.

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  • BONJOUR, Je souhaite savoir sil faut des cartes exprès ou voit-on nimporte quelles cartes, et quel est son prix? Merci
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  • Pour marquer les cartes marqués encre invisibles, besoin de lentilles de contact infrarouges lecteur lumineux.
  • Admin_reply:  Merci pour votre demande pour cartes marqués. Nous vous répondrons par email. Cordialement.

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